Homeless Sweeping in Portland

The Street Services Coordination Center swept the housing space on SE Water Ave and SE Main St. A place that a lot of unhoused considered home. I am going to investigate further regarding where they're placing these residents of Portland.

Mayor Ted Wheeler says regarding the Street Services Coordination Center, that this is a (in reference to the sweeping near Chinatown):

“coordinated, compassionate response.”


“This neighborhood is our incubator, I think we have a very good formula here and I look forward to using it across the city. … We are seeing early positive results of those efforts.”

Others, like Scott Kerman, director of Blanchet House says

"the question of whether Wheeler’s new sweeps plan is good policy is more complicated than a yes or no answer. But he did say that sweeps increase the agitation and anxiety in the people his nonprofit serves."

I've captured some images of the unhoused around the city as I bike around. Most of the communities in the photographs below, I'm pretty sure, have been swept... I'm going to retrace my steps and catalog how the city has changed and if the sweeps are city wide.