Thank you for everything

This is a love letter to the earth.

Every day, as I continue to experience the world around us, I fall deeper in love with her beauty. Her naked space sucks me in and I’m suddenly drunk with astonishment. Looking out towards the mountains as the cars are caressing her curves; seas silently wave and whisper “I love you,” I remember what it feels like to savor what is. The trees don’t ask how to grow and I’ve never heard the valleys question if they’re large enough. Mother Earth, you simply exist. You listen wholeheartedly to the sun and dance quietly with the moon. I marvel at your triumphs and wonder how you’ve survived so long… I am engulfed with gratitude and appreciate all the intimate crevices you’ve created for us; I begin to realize how you are one, which in turn reminds me that we are all one, and I realize how our differences are beautiful and that by you, Mother Earth, by you simply existing, you connect every one of us to each other.